Vegan Gummy Recipe Pectin

Vegan Gummy Recipe Pectin


This vegan gummy recipe pectin is easy to make and only requires a few ingredients. You’ll need pectin, sugar, water, and any fruit juice or puree you want to use for flavor. I like to use grape juice or raspberry puree, but you can really use any fruit juice or puree you like.

If you want your gummies to be extra firm, you can add a little more pectin to the recipe. Just keep in mind that too much pectin will make your gummies hard and difficult to eat.

Vegan Gummy Recipe Pectin Details

Are you looking for a delicious, vegan-friendly gummy recipe? Look no further than this recipe for Vegan Gummy Recipe Pectin! This recipe is quick and easy to make, and is also gluten-free and soy-free.

Plus, it only requires four ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry. If you’ve never used pectin before, don’t worry – it’s super easy to work with. Pectin is a natural substance found in fruits that helps them to gel.

When combined with sugar and acid, pectin will create a firm gel that’s perfect for making gummies. And since this recipe only uses fruit juice as the acid, it’s perfectly safe for kids to eat (unlike some other gummy recipes that use citrus juices).

So what are you waiting for? Get cooking today and enjoy these delicious vegan gummies!

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Can I Use Pectin Instead of Gelatin to Make Gummies?

In short, no. Pectin and gelatin are two completely different ingredients that serve different purposes in cooking. Pectin is a carbohydrate found in the cell walls of fruits and vegetables, while gelatin is a protein derived from animal collagen.

While they both have the ability to thicken and gel foods, they cannot be used interchangeably. Pectin is typically used as a jam or jelly thickener, as it can create a firm set without the need for added sugar. Gelatin, on the other hand, is used to make things like marshmallows and gummies because of its unique properties.

When dissolved in water, gelatin forms a clear solution that thickens and solidifies when cooled. It also has the ability to absorb up to ten times its weight in liquid, which is why it works so well as a gelling agent. So if you’re looking to make some homemade gummies, you’ll need to use gelatin – not pectin.

But don’t worry, there’s plenty of vegetarian and vegan-friendly options out there made from plant-based proteins like agar agar or carrageenan.

Can I Use Pectin to Make Gummy Bears?

In short, yes you can use pectin to make gummy bears! Pectin is a natural substance found in fruit that is used as a thickening agent in many recipes. When heated, pectin breaks down and forms a gel-like substance that can be used to create gummy bears.

To make gummy bears with pectin, you will need:

  • 1 cup of water
  • 4 tablespoons of unflavored gelatin powder
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 1/2 cup of light corn syrup
  • 1/4 teaspoon of salt
  • 1 tablespoon of citric acid (optional)
  • Food coloring (optional) Flavorings (optional)


1) In a small saucepan, combine the water and gelatin powder. Stir until the gelatin has dissolved completely.

2) Add the sugar, corn syrup, and salt to the pan and stir until combined.

3) Place the pan over low heat and cook stirring constantly until the mixture comes to a boil.

4) Remove the pan from heat and add the citric acid (if using). Stir until combined.

5) Add food coloring or flavorings if desired.

6) Pour the mixture into silicone molds or an 8×8 inch baking dish lined with parchment paper . Allow the mixture to cool completely before cutting into bear shapes or removing from molds.

How Do You Make Pectin Gummies?

Pectin is a type of soluble fiber found in fruits and vegetables. It’s often used as a thickening agent in jams and jellies, but it can also be used to make gummies! To make pectin gummies, you’ll need:

  • -1 cup fruit juice or puree (any kind will work)
  • -1 tablespoon unflavored gelatin powder
  • -2 tablespoons pectin powder
  • -1/4 cup sugar (optional)

Simply combine all of the ingredients in a saucepan over low heat, stirring until everything is dissolved. Once the mixture is liquid, pour it into molds or an 8×8 inch pan lined with parchment paper.

If you’re using a pan, cut the gummies into squares once they’ve set. Let the gummies sit at room temperature for 2 hours, or until firm. Store them in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.

Are Pectin Gummies Vegan?

Yes, pectin gummies are vegan as they are made with plant-based pectin. Pectin is a natural fruit product that helps to thicken and solidify jams and jellies. It is also used in some candy recipes, like gummies.

Pectin gummies are a type of vegan gummy that is made with pectin instead of gelatin. Gelatin is an animal-derived ingredient, so it is not suitable for vegans.

Vegan Gummy Recipe Pectin


Pectin Gummy Recipe

If you’re looking for a fun and easy gummy recipe, look no further than this pectin gummy recipe! Pectin is a natural substance found in fruit that can be used to make homemade gummies.

This recipe uses just a few simple ingredients and can be easily customized to your liking. You can use any type of fruit juice or jam for this recipe, so feel free to get creative!


This recipe is for vegan gummy Recipe Pectin made with pectin. Pectin is a natural ingredient derived from fruits that can be used to make jellies and jams. This recipe uses citrus pectin, which gives the gummies a tart flavor.

The recipe is easy to follow and only requires a few ingredients. The end result is a delicious and healthy treat that everyone will love!

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