The Pioneer Woman’s Sausage Gravy: A Hearty Southern Breakfast Favorite


The pioneer woman’s sausage gravy is a popular recipe that features ground sausage, flour, milk, and seasonings cooked together to make a rich and savory gravy. This classic southern comfort food dish can be served over biscuits, toast, or potatoes for a hearty and satisfying meal.

Sausage gravy is a staple in southern cuisine, and the pioneer woman’s version is no exception. Made with just a handful of ingredients, this recipe is easy to follow and perfect for a cozy weekend breakfast or brunch. The key to making a flavorful and creamy gravy is cooking the sausage until it’s browned and crispy, then adding flour to make a roux before slowly whisking in the milk. Seasoned with black pepper, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper, it’s a deliciously indulgent dish that’s sure to become a family favorite.

The Pioneer Woman's Sausage Gravy: A Hearty Southern Breakfast Favorite



If you have never tried the pioneer woman’s sausage gravy recipe, you are missing out on a mouth-watering southern breakfast dish. Ree drummond, also known as the pioneer woman, is a famous food blogger, chef, and television personality. Let’s take a closer look at the history of the pioneer woman and her popular sausage gravy dish, why sausage gravy is such a beloved southern breakfast item, and how the pioneer woman’s recipe has gained popularity in recent years.

Brief History Of The Pioneer Woman And Her Popular Sausage Gravy Dish

  • Ree drummond started her blog, the pioneer woman, in 2006 after moving to a ranch in oklahoma.
  • She has since become a popular food blogger, cookbook author, and television host.
  • The pioneer woman’s sausage gravy recipe has been a fan-favorite on her blog and in her cookbooks for many years.

Why Is Sausage Gravy Such A Beloved Southern Breakfast Item?

  • Sausage gravy is a classic southern breakfast dish that has been around for generations.
  • It is typically made with breakfast sausage, flour, milk, and seasonings.
  • The dish is hearty, creamy, and flavorful, making it a perfect breakfast comfort food.

How Has The Pioneer Woman’S Recipe Gained Popularity In Recent Years?

  • The pioneer woman’s sausage gravy recipe has gained popularity in recent years due to her food blog, cookbooks, and television show.
  • Her recipe is easy to follow, and the outcome is delicious.
  • With the rise of social media, many people have discovered and shared her recipe, leading to even more popularity.
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If you want to experience a true southern breakfast, give the pioneer woman’s sausage gravy recipe a try. It’s a family-friendly dish that will surely become a breakfast favorite.


The pioneer woman’s sausage gravy is a delicious and hearty breakfast dish that has gained a cult following all over the world. One of the secrets to its success is using the freshest ingredients. Here is a list of everything you will need to make this dish.

List Of All The Ingredients Needed For The Dish:

  • Pork breakfast sausage
  • All-purpose flour
  • Whole milk
  • Salt and pepper
  • Biscuits, for serving

Importance Of Using High-Quality Sausage And Fresh Milk:

Since sausage is the star ingredient in this dish, it is crucial to choose high-quality sausage over cheaper alternatives. Look for sausage made with fresh ingredients without any added fillers. Using fresh milk instead of processed ones also provides a better taste.

When you use fresh milk, the gravy will have a richer and creamier texture. Fresh milk also has a natural sweetness that complements the saltiness of the pork sausage, making it a perfect duo of flavors.

Variations On The Recipe, Including Vegetarian And Gluten-Free Options:

For those who do not eat meat or adhere to a vegetarian lifestyle, there are easy substitutions that can be made to this recipe. Replace the pork sausage with vegetarian sausage, tofu, or mushrooms.

If you have gluten intolerance or simply want to avoid gluten, use gluten-free flour or cornstarch instead of all-purpose flour in the recipe. Alternatively, you can also use almond or coconut flour, but these alternatives may change the texture and flavor of the gravy slightly.

No matter which variation you choose, this breakfast dish is sure to please your taste buds and leave you wanting more. Happy cooking!

Need a hearty breakfast idea? Try biscuits and gravy! A homemade sausage gravy will hit the spot!


The pioneer woman‘s sausage gravy is a ultimate comfort food that’s perfect for breakfast or brunch. It’s creamy, savory, and very filling. Making it might seem daunting at first, but with the right preparation, you’ll be able to whip up a batch in no time.

Here are step-by-step instructions, tips, and common mistakes to avoid when making this classic dish.

Step-By-Step Instructions For Making The Pioneer Woman’S Sausage Gravy

  • Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat.
  • Add one pound of breakfast sausage to the skillet and cook until it’s browned.
  • Reduce the heat to medium-low and sprinkle two to three tablespoons of flour onto the sausage.
  • Stir the flour and sausage together until the flour is fully absorbed. Keep stirring for a minute or two to cook off the raw flour taste.
  • Pour in two cups of whole milk, stirring constantly.
  • Add salt, black pepper, and cayenne pepper to taste. The pioneer woman recommends a teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of black pepper, and a pinch of cayenne pepper.
  • Keep stirring until the gravy thickens and reaches your desired consistency. If it’s too thick, you can add more milk. If it’s too thin, you can add a little more flour.

Tips For Achieving The Perfect Consistency And Flavor

  • Use whole milk for a creamier, richer consistency.
  • Experiment with the amount of flour you use to achieve your desired thickness. The more flour you add, the thicker the gravy will be.
  • Don’t be afraid to season the gravy to your liking. Some people prefer a spicier gravy, while others like it milder.
  • Make sure to constantly stir the gravy as it cooks to prevent it from burning or sticking to the skillet.
  • If you’re making the gravy ahead of time, store it in the fridge and reheat it on the stove or in the microwave.
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Common Mistakes To Avoid

  • Adding too much flour can result in a lumpy or pasty gravy.
  • Not cooking the flour long enough can result in a raw, floury taste.
  • Adding too much milk can result in a thin, watery gravy.
  • Not stirring the gravy constantly can result in it sticking to the skillet and burning.
  • Overcooking the sausage can result in a tough, dry texture.

Serving Suggestions

The pioneer woman’s sausage gravy is a classic southern breakfast staple that has been enjoyed for generations. The rich, creamy gravy is made with crumbled breakfast sausage, flour, and whole milk, creating a hearty and satisfying meal. However, the gravy doesn’t have to be limited to just biscuits and gravy.

Here are some great serving suggestions to switch up this classic dish and make it your own.

Best Ways To Serve Sausage Gravy, Including Popular Accompaniments

  • Over scrambled eggs – pour the gravy over some soft and fluffy scrambled eggs for a breakfast combo that is sure to please.
  • On a breakfast sandwich – whether you use a biscuit, english muffin, or bagel, the gravy is a fantastic addition to a breakfast sandwich.
  • With crispy hashbrowns – top your hashbrowns with the sausage gravy for a savory and satisfying breakfast.
  • On top of biscuits – of course, the most classic way to serve sausage gravy is over warm, flaky biscuits.

Presentation Tips For An Aesthetically Pleasing Breakfast Dish

  • Use a shallow bowl or gravy boat – this will allow the creamy gravy to be the star of the show.
  • Garnish with fresh herbs – a sprinkle of chopped parsley or chives will add a pop of color and freshness to the dish.
  • Serve with a side of fresh fruit – the acidity of the fruit will help cut through the richness of the gravy and balance the meal.

Recommended Beverages To Pair With The Gravy

  • Coffee – a strong cup of coffee will complement the richness of the gravy.
  • Orange juice – the acidity of the orange juice pairs well with the gravy, making it a refreshing and balanced meal.

With these serving suggestions, presentation tips, and beverage recommendations, you can enjoy the pioneer woman’s sausage gravy in a variety of ways.

Health Considerations

The pioneer woman’s sausage gravy is a classic comfort food dish. But what if you’re someone who’s health-conscious or has dietary restrictions? Fear not, we’ve got you covered. In this section, we’ll discuss the health considerations of this dish and offer strategies for making it healthier.

Health Benefits And Drawbacks Of The Dish

Like most comfort foods, sausage gravy is not exactly a health food.


  • Sausage gravy is a good source of protein and can help keep you feeling full.
  • If made from scratch, you can control the ingredients and potentially make it healthier.


  • Sausage gravy is usually high in fat and calories.
  • Many commercial sausage gravies contain preservatives and other unhealthy additives.

Strategies For Making The Recipe Healthier, Including Substitutions And Portion Control

If you’re looking to make sausage gravy a bit healthier, here are some strategies to consider:

  • Use turkey sausage instead of pork sausage to reduce the fat and calorie content.
  • Make your own sausage gravy from scratch using lower-fat milk and less butter.
  • Serve smaller portions of sausage gravy or use it as a topping rather than a main dish.
  • Serve sausage gravy over whole wheat biscuits to increase the fiber content.
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Advice For People With Dietary Restrictions Or Health Conditions

If you have dietary restrictions or health conditions, you may need to take additional steps to make this dish work for you.

  • If you’re lactose intolerant, use lactose-free milk instead of regular milk.
  • If you’re watching your sodium intake, look for low-sodium sausage or make your own sausage using herbs and spices for flavor.
  • If you have celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity, be sure to use gluten-free biscuits or toast as a base for the sausage gravy.

Overall, while sausage gravy is not a health food, there are ways to make it a bit healthier and more appropriate for certain dietary needs. Remember to enjoy it in moderation and as part of a balanced diet.


Recap Of Key Points In The Article:

  • The pioneer woman’s sausage gravy recipe uses common pantry ingredients such as flour, whole milk, breakfast sausage, salt, and pepper.
  • The recipe is straightforward and can be easily customized to suit your taste preference.
  • The sausage gravy can be served over homemade or store-bought biscuits for a hearty breakfast or brunch option.
  • The recipe yields six to eight servings, making it perfect for families or small gatherings.

Personal Recommendations And Experiences With The Recipe:

I have personally tried the pioneer woman’s sausage gravy recipe, and it has become a staple in my household.

  • I prefer to use spicy breakfast sausage to add an extra kick to the gravy.
  • To make the recipe healthier, i have substituted whole milk for almond milk, and the result was still just as tasty.
  • Leftover sausage gravy can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up to three days and reheated in the microwave or stovetop.
  • For an even heartier breakfast, i like to serve the sausage gravy with a side of scrambled eggs and crispy bacon.

Encouragement For Readers To Try This Classic Breakfast Dish At Home:

Don’t let the simplicity of the ingredients fool you. The pioneer woman’s sausage gravy is satisfying, delicious, and easy to make.

  • It’s a crowd-pleaser! Whether you’re cooking for your family or hosting a brunch party, this recipe is sure to impress.
  • The recipe is versatile and can be easily adjusted to fit your taste preferences.
  • It’s a budget-friendly meal that uses common pantry ingredients.
  • Making the sausage gravy from scratch allows you to control the ingredients and avoid any preservatives or additives found in store-bought options.

The pioneer woman’s sausage gravy recipe is a classic breakfast dish that everyone should try making at home. With its simple ingredients, easy preparation, and delicious taste, it’s a recipe that is sure to become a household favorite. So, roll up your sleeves, get cooking, and enjoy the comfort and satisfaction that comes with a homemade breakfast.

Frequently Asked Questions Of The Pioneer Womans Sausage Gravy

What Is Sausage Gravy Made Of?

Sausage gravy is made from pan-frying sausage, adding flour, and then whisking in milk until thickened. It’s usually seasoned with black pepper, salt, and cayenne pepper.

How Do You Make Sausage Gravy From Scratch?

To make sausage gravy from scratch, cook breakfast sausage in a skillet until browned, add flour to make a roux, whisk in milk until thickened, and then season with salt and pepper to taste.

Can You Freeze Sausage Gravy?

Yes, you can freeze sausage gravy. Allow it to cool down to room temperature, transfer it to a freezer-safe container, and store it in the freezer. When you’re ready to eat it, thaw it in the refrigerator and reheat it in a saucepan or microwave.

How Long Does Sausage Gravy Last In The Fridge?

Sausage gravy can last for up to 3-4 days in the fridge if it’s stored in an airtight container. To reheat, add a splash of milk and warm it in the microwave or on the stovetop.


The pioneer woman’s sausage gravy recipe is a delicious and easy-to-make dish that’s perfect for any breakfast or brunch occasion. With just a handful of ingredients and a few simple steps, you can create a creamy, flavorful gravy that will have your taste buds singing.

Thanks to the use of quality ingredients like breakfast sausage, flour, and milk, this recipe delivers a hearty, satisfying breakfast that’s sure to please. Additionally, the recipe is customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your own taste preferences. Unlike other breakfast dishes that can be fussy or time-consuming, the pioneer woman’s sausage gravy is a no-fuss recipe that will quickly become a staple in your kitchen.

Whether you’re cooking for a crowd or just yourself, this delicious and comforting dish is sure to hit the spot. So, give it a try and get ready to enjoy a breakfast that’s sure to become a favorite in your household.