Panera Half Vs Whole Salad

Panera Half Vs Whole Salad


I’m trying to decide whether I should get the half or whole salad at Panera. The half salad has less calories, but the whole salad has more nutrients. The half salad is a good option for people who are trying to lose weight, but the whole salad is a better option for people who are looking for a nutritious meal.

My OFFICIAL Panera Bread salad review! (vlog #21)

When it comes to salads, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The amount of salad you should eat depends on your individual calorie needs and food preferences. However, if you’re trying to lose weight or simply want to make healthier choices, opting for a half portion of Panera’s salad instead of a whole can save you calories and help you reach your goals.

A half portion of Panera’s Greek Salad with Chicken contains 360 calories, while the whole salad has 720 calories. This means that by choosing the half portion, you’re saving 360 calories. That may not seem like a lot, but over time those savings can really add up!

Plus, the half portion still provides plenty of filling protein and fiber thanks to the chicken and vegetables. If you’re looking to cut even more calories from your meal, consider avoiding high-calorie toppings like croutons and cheese. You can also ask for dressing on the side so that you can control how much you use.

By making small changes like these, you can enjoy a delicious and satisfying salad without going overboard on the calories.

Panera Bread

If you’re in the mood for a quick, tasty, and healthy meal, Panera Bread is the place to go. This chain restaurant is known for its delicious sandwiches, salads, soups, and pastries. And the best part is that everything on the menu is made with fresh, quality ingredients.

Whether you’re stopping in for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, there’s something on the menu for everyone at Panera Bread. For breakfast, you can choose from items like oatmeal and yogurt parfaits or egg sandwiches and bagels. Lunch and dinner options include salads, soups, sandwiches, and flatbreads.

Panera Half Salad Size

If you’re looking for a lighter option when dining at Panera, you may want to consider ordering a half salad. This smaller portion still contains all of the fresh ingredients and flavor of a full-size salad, but with fewer calories. Here are some of our favorite half salads available at Panera:

The Greek Salad is a classic option that features romaine lettuce, feta cheese, Kalamata olives, red onions, and a Greek dressing. If you’re looking for something with more greens, the Caesar Salad includes Romaine lettuce, croutons, Parmesan cheese, and Caesar dressing. For a heartier option, try the Chicken Cobb Salad which includes mixed greens, chicken breast, hard-boiled eggs, avocado slices, bacon bits, blue cheese crumbles, and vinaigrette dressing.

No matter which half salad you choose from Panera’s menu, you’re sure to enjoy a delicious and satisfying meal!

Panera Menu

If you’re looking for a delicious, healthy meal, look no further than Panera Bread. With a wide variety of soups, sandwiches, salads, and pastries to choose from, there’s something for everyone at Panera. And best of all?

Most menu items are under $10. Here are some of our favorite menu items: Soups:

-Baked Potato Soup: A creamy soup with chunks of real potato and bacon. Perfect for a cold winter day!

-Broccoli Cheddar Soup: A classic soup that’s always satisfying. The perfect mix of cheesy and veggie goodness.

-Chicken Noodle Soup: This comforting soup is perfect when you’re feeling under the weather. It’s packed with chicken and veggies to give you the energy you need to power through your day.

Salads: – Fuji Apple Chicken Salad: A sweet and savory salad with grilled chicken, apples, blue cheese crumbles, and candied pecans.

Panera Salad

When it comes to salads, Panera is definitely one of the most popular places to go. And for good reason – their salads are absolutely amazing! One of my personal favorites is their Fuji Apple Chicken Salad.

It’s a perfect mix of sweet and savory, and the chicken is always cooked to perfection. But no matter what salad you order at Panera, you can be sure that it will be fresh, flavorful, and filling. Their salads are always packed with a variety of healthy ingredients, so you’ll never leave feeling hungry or unsatisfied.

If you’re looking for a delicious salad option, Panera should definitely be your go-to spot!

Panera Value Duets Reddit

If you’re looking for a quick, healthy, and affordable meal, Panera Value Duets are the perfect option! These hearty sandwiches are made with fresh ingredients and come in a variety of tasty flavors. Plus, they’re only $5 each!

Whether you’re in the mood for a classic turkey sandwich or something new like the smoked ham & Swiss option, there’s sure to be a Value Duet that will hit the spot. So next time you’re looking for a budget-friendly meal option, be sure to check out Panera’s Value Duets!

Panera Half Vs Whole Salad


How Big is the Half Portion of a Salad at Panera?

Assuming you are referring to a half salad as in one of Panera’s pre-made salads that come in a black plastic clamshell, the dimensions are as follows: 6.5″ diameter x 2.75″ height. The weight will vary depending on the ingredients of the salad, but on average it is about 10-11 ounces.

How Many Oz is a Half Salad at Panera?

At Panera, a half salad is 8 ounces.

Can You Get Half Salads at Panera?

Yes, you can absolutely get half salads at Panera! In fact, most of our salads can be ordered in either a half or full size. So whether you’re looking for a light lunch option or a hearty meal, we’ve got you covered.

Our most popular salad is the Greek Salad, which is made with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, Kalamata olives, feta cheese and our signature Greek dressing. If you’re looking for something a little lighter, our Caesar Salad is also a great option. It’s made with romaine lettuce, shaved Parmesan cheese and croutons tossed in our classic Caesar dressing.

No matter which salad you choose, we’re confident you’ll enjoy it!

What Happens to the Other Half of Sandwich Panera?

When you order a sandwich at Panera, they make it fresh to order. This means that they only make half of the sandwich at a time, so what happens to the other half? The other half of the sandwich is wrapped up and kept refrigerated until it’s ordered.

This helps to keep the sandwich fresh and prevents waste. When someone orders the second half of the sandwich, Panera will then make it fresh and serve it immediately.


In her blog post, the author compares the two different types of salads offered at Panera Bread- the half salad and the whole salad. She notes that while the half salad is a good option for those looking for a lighter meal, the whole salad is a better value and provides more nutrients and fiber. The author also recommends adding extra toppings to the whole salad to make it more filling and satisfying.

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